Gardening template (Flash)

A great Flash gardening template that can also be used for businesses and hospitality services. Offered free by Wix and edited using their simple online interface.

Template 7

Template #5 in orange.

Template 6

Template #5 in Red.

Template 5

Another expandable template that is available in three colors: Blue, red and orange. This template includes a graphic logo with a blank included for editing, a text navigation bar at the top with a very large content area that expands depending on the users screen resolution. The navigation bar is solid color matching the template with two border color shades and a lighter color content area toned to the templates palette.

Template 4

Template #2 in blue.

Template 3

Template #2 in orange.

Template 2

A web template which is expandable (content area expands depending on screen resolution). It is available in three different colors, from purple, orange and blue. The logo is an image and so are the navigation buttons with a blank included for customization. The header and navigation buttons feature a gradient with a solid border around the template, and a lighter shade of the templates color for the content section.

Template 1

This template features a black header with .jpg logo, an underlying green gradient, a left and right navigation menu with a white content area. The menu is text and fixed width, but the template itself will expand to fit any resolution. The content area is the area that expands in this web template. Very generic and will suit a variety of subjects.

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