Catering website template (Flash)

Great for catering and restaurant businesses, this simple to edit Wix Flash template will have your company online without a hassle.

Template 27

Template #25 in red.

Template 26

Template #25 in green.

Template 25

This metallic jeweled website template comes with text navigation, and the navigation side bar can be used for more as well. Since the header is a fixed size, this template is designed for screen resolutions of 800x600 and up, meaning this is a static template. It comes in three different colors: Blue, green and red.

Template 24

Minimalistic and simple, this flower web template would be great for flower shops, online flower stores and catering businesses, personal pages. The menu stretches to accommodate the text that is inserted and the graphic header (blank logo included) and content section will fit the browsers current size.

Template 23

This basic free space website template has a 3D rendered planet that vaguely looks like the Earth, a star field - tiled background image, a lens flare from what looks like a sun with several larger stars in what looks like a nebula. The menu is vertically expanding text with a simple style sheet for basic text effects. It includes a graphic headline, however you can use a text one. The space image can be edited in an image editor as well if you would like to place some text or a logo.

Photography template (Flash)

A sophisticated Flash web template offered by Wix. This template is great for Photography, resumes or even a personal web page.

Template 22

A blue bordered simple template that features a text menu with simple CSS (style sheet) for basic text effects. The "your logo" is a .jpg and that area of the template includes a blank .jpg for editing. The header footer and content sections expand to fit the browser; however the menu will remain the same size. Do not place images larger than the menus width inside the menu, as this can cause misalignments.

Template 21

A simple garden styled template that features a green background and a bamboo menu covered in ivy. The welcome logo comes with a blank .jpg for editing and the menu buttons can be copied and pasted to make more, and they are text with a basic style sheet for text effects.

Template 20

This blue and white flower template will work great for a flower shop, catering company, personal web page, wedding site or anything that needs a floral theme. The menu is text and expands on the Y-axis and the header and content sections will stretch to fit the screen. Logo is a graphic and will need Photoshop / GIMP or Paint Shop Pro to edit.

Template 19

Template #18 in blue.

Template 18

A simple yet elegant website template that comes in a green and blue version. The graphic header (blank .jpg logo is included) is a banded fade that stretches to a vertically expanding text menu. This template will expand to fit the browsers current size / user screen resolution. This has been one of my most popular templates over the years.

E-store (Flash)

A great Wix Flash template for eCommerce, online stores or your home business. Conveniently edited online.