Photography Studio

Photography Studio or online portfolio Flash template. Great for anyone promoting their portfolio on the web. Easy to edit Flash template by Wix.

Template 37

Template #33 in blue.

Template 36

Template #33 in red.

Template 35

Template #33 in purple.

Template 34

Template #33 in orange.

Template 33

Another of my most popular website templates, this template comes in five colors: Green, orange, purple, red and blue. This web template is most often used for business websites, gaming websites, ecommerce, informational pages, personal pages, directories and portals. The header is one image (before the colored bar), and you can place as large of a logo in that space as you want. The colored bar and content section will expand to fit the browser size. The menu is text that is separated by lines, you can also place news or other content in this area as well.

Marketing template (Flash)

Simple yet sleek business website template in Flash. Will work for any corporate theme, easy to edit and made available by Wix.

Template 32

Template #30 in purple.

Template 31

Template #30 in green.

Template 30

One of my most popular website templates that comes in three colors: Brown, green and purple. The template consists of a vertically tiling background, expanding content section that matches screen size, a glowing jewel in the upper right hand corner, a clipart blank logo and a text menu (the navigation window / menu can be copied and pasted in the html to make more than one) that includes a basic CSS file for text effects.

Template 29

A dark blue and navy blue website template that has text over image buttons (you can make as many buttons as you want by copying and pasting the buttons commented html code), an expandable footer, content section and header, and features a simple .jpg logo that can be editing with your choice of software (I recommend editing the JPG with GIMP, it's free).

Template 28

A simple black and blue website template that features text over image buttons for navigation (you can make additional buttons by copying and pasting the buttons html code that is commented in the templates html), white expandable content section and a .jpg logo (blank is included in the web templates .zip file).

Personal Portfolio (Flash)

Very popular among creative professionals, this template is perfect for online portfolios and resumes. Easily editable Wix Flash design that is sure to catch your audiences attention.