Clothing and outfits (Flash)

A Wix Flash template for Clothing stores, fashion and outfits in general. Edit online for free.

Template 17

A blue and blue grey website template with graphic menu. The menu is composed of several .jpg or .gif images that make one whole. Several pre-made buttons are included with this template, as well as one blank. The welcome logo also comes with a blank but can be used as is. This template was designed with smaller screen resolutions in mind, so it will actually fit 640x480. It also includes some dividers, clip art and page items like previous and next buttons.

Template 16

This purple, jeweled website template comes with a vertically expanding text menu and expanding header and content section that will fit the current size of the user's browser. This was originally referred to as the purple tech template, as it was more of a technology themed website template and was primarily used as such. On the other hand, I have seen this used for books stores, churches and restaurants so what do I know. It has always been popular and will work for just about anything.

Template 15

A dark and light red, glossed web template that has a graphic logo with blank included a light red, text menu for navigation and an expandable content section. The content section will expand on resize or screen size, but the navigation will stay the same size. It will expand depending on the amount of navigation and/or text that is entered into it. If you are going to insert images into it, be sure the size does to go out of bounds or it will cause misalignments.

Template 14

This template is most often used for business websites. It features a green gradient headline and footer, with a black text navigation bar under the header. There is also a matching black bar in the footer of this web template. The content section expands left to right, but the menu is a static size on the X axis. It will however expand vertically to accommodate more text and navigation.

Template 13

This standard blue template will fit any screen resolution. The logo is a graphic, however the rest of the template is text, meaning it can be edited without any photo editing software. This includes everything from the headlines, to the content itself, the menu headlines and the navigation. The navigation section could also feature images. The content sections and the right side menus can be copied and pasted to make more "windows" for navigation, etc. This template is generic and is often used for business websites, schools and informational web pages.

Business Consulting template (Flash)

Small business, consulting and management services Wix Flash template, simple to edit online and free.

Template 12

A simple, purple web template with a .jpg logo, with the blank logo including the circles for consistency to what you see here. The header, right side menu and footer have the same colors to tie everything together, with the darker and lighter shade included. The content area grows with screen size, so it will still be readable in a half windowed browser or a larger/small screen resolution. The menu is text and is easy to edit.

Template 11

Another purple template with a graphic logo (blank included). The header and footer are a matching purple color, with a small area below the header for a text slogan. The slogan area features small bubbles and matches the color of the left hand navigation window. The menu is text and will expand depending on the amount of content inserted into it. Content area is white and will stretch depending on screen size.

Template 10

This purple website template has a left hand text menu that expands depending on the amount of content inserted into it, as well as the template as a whole expanding upon resize or the users screen resolution. The entire web template is bordered in purple with a small shadow applied, with a shadow coming from the upper left hand corner to give a consistent feel. The navigation window is text for simple editing and the content area is shaded with a lighter purple color.

Template 9

A red / maroon colored web template that has a graphic logo and text menu. The header is a red maroon color as well as the footer, it also has matching black bands which circle into the menu and outline the footer of the page. This web template expands depending on the end users screen resolution (content area expands as well as the header and footer). The menu is not fixed on the y axis so it will expand depending on how much content or text is inserted into it. It is a simple but classic web template that is great for anything from business websites to personal pages.

Template 8

A multi shaded purple web template with .jpg logo, a blank logo is included for editing. The header and right column are dark purple with glossed design elements overlapping and a matching right hand navigation window. The navigation is text only so editing the menu is easier. The content sections color is toned to match the upper right hand circle design elements. This template is often used for personal web pages, but would suit many other applications as well. I have seen this template used for such purposes from real estate to gaming websites. Since it is a fairly generic web template, it has potential for nearly any type of website.

Lifestyle (Flash)

Free Wix Flash template, good for small business, lifestyle services and personal coaching websites. Free to edit online.